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SkyWay Eco (Fest) Techno Park 



A land area of 91 acres located in Maryna Gorka in Belarus, was  gifted to Dr. Anatoly Yunitskiy by the Belarusian Government to use towards the implementation of this technology. The Eco Techno Park consists of  multiple elevated transportation systems, a production facility and administration block with the added laboratory testing facility.



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Apply these rules to help generate a passive income by investing in our Education Investment Products.  Not only will you gain the education to further your knowledge of a Private Investor, you will also learn how to sustain & grow your income. As an instrument to start your investment portfolio, you will be gifted bonus pre IPO private equity shares in this innovative transport technology. Soon to be implemented globally, this is an opportunity to leave a legacy & generate lifetime dividends. Your children, their children, and theirs again & again, will benefit from your small investment today.

There are 15 development stages to the implementation of the SkyWay technology.  We are currently in the pre IPO development stage 13 & will be progressing again to the next stages of development soon.  We have many models that are fully certified and the remaining models yet to be certified, are now going through certification testing. The most recent events at the InnoTrans2018 held in Berlin, Germany in September, our high speed vessel was unveiled to the world of innovative transport technology.

Utilizing the land that was recently allocated to SkyWay Technologies, our high speed track is set for completion in the United Arab Emirates in 2019 along with the Unicon model hauling 20-40 foot sea containers.

A Wealth Creation Education portal that is backed by Innovative Transport Technology addressing the environmental issues we face today, SkyWay was designed with passion for our environment.  Leaving very little carbon footprint & disturbing very little of the earth.  Zero negative impact on the Eco system. 

With 1/10 the land use, 90% less emissions and a 2-3 year payback period, SkyWay is the fundamentally new transport & infrastructure technology the global market is waiting for.

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Main Technological Achievements


Why Do Shareholders Decide To Invest In SkyWay Technology?


Our Legendary Leaders


Dr Anatoly Yunitskiy​: Inventor & Designer of SkyWay, Owner of SkyWay Technologies


The author and inventor of Yunitskiy string technologies, Dr.Yunitskiy is the head of two United Nations organization projects, a member of the USSR Space Science Federation and author of more than 140  inventions.

Awarded a grant from the United nations in 2001 to prove a concept of his Yunitskiy string rail technology. Dr Anatoly Yunitskiy now holds over 300 Memorandums of understanding for this technology.

Dr. Yunitsky is a two-time recipient of the Golden Chariot Award. 

Andrey Khoratov: CEO SkyWay Invest Group


A professional Investor. Passionate about teaching his students the importance of financial & investment education. Introduced to Dr Anatoly by one of his students, he began his research on the SkyWay Technology. Using his own checklist to identify a solid foundation within a company, he offered to fund the SkyWay project.

Today, SkyWay Invest Group has raised more funds through crowd investing funding then any other company in history.

Some SkyWay Models



93+ Miles Per Hour

1-5 Passengers



93+ Miles Per Hour

50,000 Passengers Per Hour



300+ Miles Per Hour

500,000 Passengers Per Day



50+ Miles Per Hour

20 and 40 Foot Sea Containers



93+ Miles per Hour

Up To 200 mln Tonne



93+ Miles Per Hour

50,000 Passengers Per Hour

United Arab Emirates

One plot of land allocated to SkyWay is 62 acres or 25 hectares within the city of Sharjah for the construction of the SkyWay Innovation Center, where there will be demonstration and certification sites for this entire climatic zone (the tropics).

There is a second plot of land allocated to SkyWay in the UAE, which has an area of ​​about 495 acres or 200 hectares.  SkyWay was allocated this land so that we could build and demonstrate the high-speed model with speeds of 310 mph and with a prospect of up to 375 mph then extend that for the certification testing of the Hyper-U, to include under-water testing.

First Official Release of the Construction Site in the United Arab Emirates

First SkyWay Project in Moscow

This is a massive project connecting the airports in Russia with SkyWay Linear Cities



During the annual summary event – EcoFest 2018 – a new development was presented to the public: a prototype of an unmanned aerial vehicle based on the KA-26 helicopter.  The novelty, called “Kombo”, caused not only great interest among the guests of EcoFest, but also a lot of questions on the technical part and aspects of its practical application.

Based on the Ka-26 helicopter, we designed and manufactured the largest drone in the world, which will be able to transport 1.5 tons of cargo at an altitude of several kilometers at a speed of 170 km / h for a distance of up to 500 kilometers.

This is not a toy – it is necessary for us to build string roads in difficult climatic conditions: in the mountains, at the intersection of rivers, lakes, marshes, in the jungle and in the tundra. 

Not Just For SkyWay

The SkyWay Drone can be used by various companies for multiple applications. Movie production companies and construction companies, for example, can use the drone to reach otherwise inaccessible locations.

Emergency services could also use the drone for rescue efforts.