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SWIG is in pre launch of a new token. It is known globally in the private club as CryptoUnit (CRU).  It is a Security Token Offering (STO), backed by real assets with the White Book being filed with the SEC.  The assets backing CRU have had a daily growth rate of over 26% for the last 4 1/2 years for a capitalization of over 41,000%.  CRU has a planned loyalty payout. Loyalty payments will be referred to as dividends after the public launch.  

There are 8 stages of development through pre launch.  The second phase will be launched on the exchanges followed by global merchandising.  Pre launch is scheduled to begin March/April 2019 with planned loyalty payments within 3 months.  There will be circulation with other crypto as well as fiat money.

During the first stage of pre launch, qualified SWIG Co-Owners (Partners) will be given entree into and the opportunity to acquire CRU from within a private club.  CryptoUnit has a planned exchange launch in 8-17 months from 0.10 and global merchandising launch over 4-8 years. 

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Stage 1 of SWIG's CryptoUnit launch is complete with staggering success for all participants.  In a 36 hour period more than 8 Billion CRU tokens sold out.  

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Stage 2 launched at 4 am PST 04/03/2019.  6 stages remain.  Each stage of pre launch requires a qualification.

Contact us for complete details.

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Stage 3 launched May 1st. 

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**The CRU loyalty payments began May 8th.  

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Stage 4 launched June 1st with record numbers. The top three CRU packs sold out in 3 minutes!

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Stage 5 launched July 1st.  Record numbers were reported through stage 4.  Don't delay! 

All new partners can join SWIG and gain entree to the CRU program free in July! In addition, new partners will get 20 units as a bonus. 

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Stage 6 launched August 1st with stage 5 being another complete success!  Only 2 stages left with our projected date of going public rapidly approaching. 

***In addition to the advancement within the CRU program, SWIG announced on August 1st, that we have acquired our "Banking Licence" both in the USA as well as around the globe. This is huge! EPIC! 

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Stage 6 comes to an end with the transition to stage 7. Only one stage remains. Of the 30 billion CryptoUnits to be released in phase one, over 22 billion have been realized, leaving less than 8 billion for stages 7 and 8. 

More information to follow...

** SWIG does not sell stocks or cryptocurrency.  SWIG does not give financial or investing advise. 

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