SWIG CryptoUnit (CRU)

New Economic Evolution of the World

SWIG is in pre launch of a new token.  It will be known globally as CryptoUnit (CRU).  It is a Security Token Offering (STO), backed by real assets and US Treasury verified.  The assets backing CRU have had a daily growth rate of over 26% for the last 4 1/2 years for a capitalization of over 41,000%.  CRU has a planned loyalty payout of 5-25% of profits. Loyalty payments will be referred to as dividends after the public launch.  

There are 8 stages of development through pre launch.  The second phase will be launched on the exchanges followed by global merchandising.  Pre launch is scheduled to begin March/April 2019 with planned loyalty payments within 3 months.  There will be circulation with other crypto as well as fiat money.

During the first stage of pre launch, qualified SkyWay Co-Owners (Partners) will have the opportunity to purchase CRU from within a private investors club at approx $1000 to 400,000 CRU (0.0025 to one CRU).  CryptoUnit has a planned exchange launch in 8-17 months and global merchandising (public) launch @ $1.00 to one CRU with a market capitalization of $100 - $1250 per CRU in 4-8 years.

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Stage 1 of SWIG's CryptoUnit launch is complete with staggering success for all participants.  In a 36 hour period more than 8 Billion CRU tokens sold out.  Below is a chart of the estimated CRU acquired and the estimated loyalty payments of stage 1 through December 2019.  

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Stage 2 launched at 4 am PST 04/03/2019.  6 stages remain.  Each stage of pre launch requires a qualification.  For our seniors 58 and older, the qualification is only $100.  Contact us for complete details.

More information to follow...

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